Top 5 Setting Sprays Available at Guardian and Watsons in Malaysia

Setting sprays have become an indispensable tool in the makeup arsenal, ensuring your carefully crafted look stays flawless from morning to night. In Malaysia, beauty enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a diverse range of setting sprays available at popular retailers like Guardian and Watsons. While the beauty landscape is ever-evolving, with new products constantly entering the market, I can provide you with a comprehensive list of top-rated setting sprays available in Guardian and Watsons. However, it’s crucial to check current availability and prices at these stores’ websites or by visiting them in person.

Silkygirl Make Up Setting Spray Hydrate & Refresh

Price Range: RM26.90

Silkygirl’s Make Up Setting Spray Hydrate & Refresh is a budget-friendly option that combines hydration and makeup setting in one product. It helps lock makeup in place while adding a refreshing burst of moisture. This setting spray is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, keeping makeup looking fresh and dewy all day.

CHRISZEN Setting Spray 60ml

Price Range: RM 29.90

Chriszen Setting Spray is a popular choice among Malaysian beauty enthusiasts. It’s known for its ability to keep makeup in place, preventing smudging and fading. This setting spray offers a matte finish, making it ideal for those with oily skin or those looking for a shine-free look throughout the day.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Fix & Go

Price Range: RM 33.90

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Fix & Go is a versatile setting spray that offers both makeup setting and refreshing properties. It’s designed to prolong makeup wear, ensuring a flawless look for hours. The added benefit of a refreshing mist makes it suitable for hot and humid Malaysian weather.

Palladio 4Ever Setting Spray

Price Range: RM 59.90

Palladio’s 4Ever Setting Spray is a high-quality option that provides long-lasting makeup hold. It’s praised for its ability to keep makeup intact, even in challenging conditions. This setting spray offers a matte finish and is a favorite among makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.

IN2IT Make Up Stay Mineral Setting Mist

Price Range: RM 17.90

In2it’s Blur & Matte Setting Spray is a great choice for those seeking a setting spray that blurs imperfections and controls shine. It helps create a smooth and matte finish while keeping makeup in place throughout the day. This setting spray is ideal for those with combination or oily skin.

To make an informed choice for your makeup routine, consider visiting the official websites of Guardian and Watsons in Malaysia for the most up-to-date information on product availability and prices. Additionally, consult with beauty experts or peruse recent online beauty product reviews to discover the latest and most recommended setting sprays in the market. Always factor in your skin type, makeup preferences, and budget when making your selection for the best results.

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