Privacy Policy

Security and Protection

1.      Hishop declare that they process Orderers’ personal data in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

2.      Hishop declare that personal data are processed with the use of appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Data Collected on the Website

1.     Hishop recognize the Orderer’s right to confidentiality and are committed to protecting the Orderer’s privacy. Personal data are given voluntarily and they are necessary to make use of the full functionality of the Website. Hishop use the information that it collects on Website to provide the Orderer with a superior shopping experience and to communicate with the Orderer about products, services and promotions.

2.     During registration on the Website, the Orderer completes the registration form with the following information: their name and surname, exact address of delivery, phone number and email address. The Orderer, being at the same time a member of the Member card loyalty scheme run by the Seller, may also give their Member card number during the registration process.

3.     During the registration, the Orderer has the right to choose if he/she would like to receive emails with offers and information provided by the Seller. If the Orderer agrees, the Seller will send communications that it believes are relevant to the Orderer including newsletters and e-mails. If the Orderer later prefers not to receive optional e-mails or other communications from the Seller, he/she may choose to unsubscribe the emails so as to prevent such further communications.

4.     The Orderer consents to the processing of their personal data by Hishop for purposes of fulfilment of the Order and by entities authorised by the Seller.

5.     When raising an Order, the Orderer gives the number and the code (CVV2) of their payment card.

6.     If the Orderer uses the Website via the Helpline, he/she consents to the recording of their phone calls for purposes of assessment and improvement of the quality of provided services.

Purpose of Data Collection

1.     All data given by the Orderer shall be processed by Hishop for purposes of the fulfilment of the Order and ensuring a contact between the Orderer and Beautime.

2.     The Orderer’s data may be used to send commercial information, depending on the consent given by the Orderer when completing the registration form. Commercial information may be sent to the Orderer’s email address. The Orderer may at any time withdraw their consent. To do so, he/she should contact the Helpline.

3.     Data collected automatically are, among others, used to maintain the session after logging in. They do not allow for identification of the User. Personal data are not processed or stored by their means.

Right to Check, Modify and Remove Personal Data

4.     The Orderer has the right to access the content of their data and to amend them on the Website or via the Helpline.

5.     The Orderer has the right to remove their Account from the Website via the Helpline. The removal of the Account is irreversible and means the removal of all the Orderer’s data.

Privacy Preference Center