BeautiMe VCO Complete Skincare Set


Step 1 to 3, BeautiMe VCO brings you the radiant skin you deserve!

Set includes:

BeautiMe VCO Moisture Cream (30g) x1 (worth RM59.90)

BeautiMe VCO Skin Essence (130ml) x1 (worth RM79.90)

BeautiMe VCO Hydration Cleanser (130ml) x1 (worth RM79.90)


Each product comes with individual boxes.


⚡BeautiMe VCO Moisture Cream⚡

BeautiMe VCO Moisture cream specially formulated with plenty of natural antioxidants and a blend of natural fruit acids for effective exfoliation. Reduces dead skin cells from the surface of the skin tackling the damage, dryness and signs of aging. Reveals a glowing, new radiance, a brighter and even skin tone complexion. Restores a fresh, healthy and more youthful appearance.

⚡BeautiMe VCO Skin Essence⚡

BeautiMe VCO Skin Essence comes with unique nine plants extracts, active ingredients that comes in a superfine spray mist for better absorption and even application. It delivers a moisture burst to the skin to enhance its hydration and suppleness, as well as promotes firming and lifting effects to the skin.

⚡BeautiMe VCO Hydration Cleanser⚡

Refine your radiance look with BeautiMe VCO Hydration Cleanser. This luxurious cleanser contains nine plants extracts, coconut oil & sea water to effectively remove impurities. Rich foamy, removes skin-dulling surface cells, pollutants and oxidized substances that can cause the look of aging. Made with deeply hydrating ingredients so it won’t strip away skin’s essential moisture, enhancing its inner defenses.

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