Guerisson 9 Complex Cream (3rd Generation) (70g)


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Guerisson 9 Complex Cream (3rd Generation) with renewed packaging & upgrade Horse Oil Clustering!


Highly purified German-made refined horse oil revitalizes skin, enhance skin balancing and elasticity, with the purest ingredients, it is safe to use with sensitive skin Contains tripeptide complex which is enhancing skin elasticity and preventing mositure lose, keeping skin hydrated all day.

Three main ingredients of new cream

1. Horse Oil Clustering for fast and effective absorption

2. Doubled Refined Horse Oil of mane for premium

3. 9Complex Plus

Extremely effect for boosting skin up with new skin

absorption system “Clustering Technology”

📌Enhancement of native power of skin by purified German horse oil

Skin Care in advance for anti aging by innovative absorption system of skin that use Refined Advanced Horse Oil.

📌Boosting skin up with concentrated care for anti aging

It includes three of peptide complex to help boosting up for skin. It cares weaken spot of skin more effectively. It will make a care to look young with innovative antiaging care .

📌Calming effect by taking low temperature for extracts

Extract effect has been extremely improved to make calming ingredient. It will be effective to be more calmed skin’s sensitiveness with advanced 9 complex

✔ Advanced Horse Oil, Unique Substance of Guerisson

✔ Effective to the elasticity

✔ Strengthening effect of skin barrier

✔ High purity ingredients suit for all skin types

✔ Soft butter texture gives plentiful nourishment

What is Advance Horse Oil?

Unique technology of Guerisson, A method to refine solid horseoil and high purity liquid horseoil

German Horse Oil ➧ Extraction of high purity horseoil ➧ Concentrated active ingredients ➧ Enriced ‘Advanced horse oil’


Triple care of high elasticity, High moisturizing and High nutrition

➤ Completion of skin becoming dense and moist from deep inside skin

➤ Anti-wrinkle & anti aging & skin lifting


Power Of Horse Oil

➤ Unique texture that densely and softly worn on the skin strengtens skin barrier

➤ Horse oil prevents skin from moisture loss and keep nutrient for long time


➤The texture of the cream appears firm but yielding.

How to Use ➤ Gently apply it onto skin as a cream applying step of your skin care routine after washing face in the morning and in the evening and make sure it is well-absorbed into skin

# No.1 Original Horse Oil Cream # Sales Myth of 30 Million Items # Thorough Moisturizing for 72 Hours # Dynamic Young Face Horse Oil # Skin Irritation Test Completed


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