Guerisson 9 Complex Skin (3rd Generation) (130ml)


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✨Guerisson 9 Complex Skin (3rd Generation) (130ml)✨

3rd Generation new Upgrade!

♥ Horse Oil Clustering – With Horse Oil clustering, Niacinamide, Seramide and Adenosine in assemblage

♥ Double Refine Horse Oil – Patented process for refining horse oil to obtain more concentrated horse oil

♥ Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate – Removes dead skin cells and improved moisturizing lasting power and evens out the skin texture. Also helps to brighten the skin tone

♥ Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – Aloe contains a lot of moisture and helps calm sensitive skin

♥ Ceramide NP – Ceramide NP prevents moisture evaporation of the skin and moisturizes and strengthens skin barrier


An First Booster for Soft Skin (Toner)

First Moisture Booster

➤ Used as the first step of any skin care regimen, this essential toner quickly penetrates, delivering moisture deep into skin.

Tones Skin

➤ Tones rough skin textures and prepares skin for the next skin care step.

Relieves Stressed Skin

➤ Resurrection plant extract calms irritations and promotes skin’s comfort.

Soft Skin Texture

➤ The hydrating water-type toner smooths and hydrates skin.

Color : Clear Texture : Liquid Scent : Refreshing Lemon Balm Skin Type : All Skin Types

Main Ingredients

Bird’s Nest Extract Information

➤ Skin Care Ingredient for Queens: Edible Bird’s Nest Extract.

➤ Once used by Chinese royals to care for their skin, edible bird’s nest promotes soft, pure skin with its high content of vitamins C/E and amino acids.

Resurrection Plant Extract Information

➤ Detoxifying Resurrection Plant Extract

➤ Resurrection plant is highly resistant to dryness and can live without water for a long time. It reduces oxidation stress in skin, helping it recover quickly and maintain softness.


➤ Liquid

How to Use ➤ After cleansing, pour into a cotton pad and wipe skin gently. Pat skin gently for faster absorption.


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