Guerisson Moisture Balancing Cream (70g)


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Advanced Horse Oil, Unique Substance of Guerisson

➤ Strengthening skin absorption and protection power as well as elegant feeling of application because of high purity premium fatty acid, selectively separated natural saturated fatty acid from horse oil

Daily Moisturizing Horse Oil Cream for All Seasons

➤ Moisturizing by horse oil for all seasons by moisturizing from deep into skin which is felt dry with refreshing feeling

5-Ceramide Complex

➤ Moisturizing and keeping healthy from deep into skin which becomes dry through the supplementary action among 5 kinds of ceramides , the moisturizing factors playing the important roles for moisturizing the horney layer of skin

Moisture Keeping System

➤ Keeping vital and glossy skin by delivering the energy the energy of plants surviving under severe environments including polar regions and desert to skin

Advance Horse Oil

➤ Unique technology of Guerisson, A method to refine solid horseoil and high purity liquid horseoil

German Horse Oil ➧ Extraction of high purity horseoil ➧ Concentrated active ingredients ➧ Enriched ‘Advanced horse oil’

Moisture Keeping System

➤ Intensive delivery of moisture and moisturizing skin by the plants naturally growing in severe environments including polar regions and deserts

• Snow Lotus ➤ Delivering moisture/ Moisturizing

• Antarcticine ➤ Forming moisturizing barrier of skin

• Houseleek Extract ➤ Soothing/ Relieving skin stress

• Iceland Moss Extract ➤ Moisturizing & Nourishing

• Argania Sponisa Kernel Oil ➤ Prevent moisture loss & Shining

• Birch Sap ➤ Increasing moisture retention capacity

How to Use ➤ Gently apply it onto skin as a cream applying step of your skin care routine after washing face in the morning and in the evening and make sure it is well-absorbed into ski


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