Kiss New York Featherlight Lashes 2.0 (Volume Up)


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Kiss New York Lashes are the most suitable for Eye Beauty in any occasion.

#light and natural looking lashes

#feather lashes

#no more mascara

#longer and more volume for Eye Beauty Secret

1) Light lashes like feathers – Revolutionary Tapered End Technology

2) 100% Hand Made & Reusable – Hand tied, Hardly falling out (reusable)

3) Glamorous and natural look – Natural arrangement, Real-like lashes, Natural curl.

How to Use:

1.Take The False Eyelashes Off Slowly By Using Tweezer Or Hands And Trim Them To Fit With The Size Of Your Lash-Line.

2. Apply The Lash Glue Included In The Package To The Outer Seam Of The Lash Strip And Let Them Dry In 5 To 10 Seconds Before Applying.

3. Gently Place The False Eyelashes And Apply From The Middle Part Of Them To The Both End Before The Glue Dried Out.


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