Refund Policy

Hishop provides refund service to our beloved customers with valid reasons for returning goods and get a full refund from us plus a maximum postages fee of RM7.00 per shipment for returning the goods are bear by us.

Please take note, Hishop does not bear for the purchasing postage from Hishop -> your house, as this is the cost for the customer to try the products.

Hishop will only refund to you after we have received the goods that you intend to return and all the required documents for refund has been submitted to us and all this have to be done within 14 days.

If you still have any questions, and doubt about our guarantee and products, please email us at

We will take proper action on all returned products; we will never re-sell any opened products.

For example: If your purchase is RM10 + RM7 postage fee, Beautime will only refund RM10 + RM7 (the postage fee that you send back the item to us)

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