Kiss New York Eyebrow Stamp (RENEW) (KBS18J)



Perfect, Evenly Shaped… Just STAMP IT!

No Mess… No Fail… Anyone can have perfect eyebrows! COMPACT SIZE for your cosmetic pouch!

Only thing you need to do is just stamp it on your brow!

You can do your brow make-up in seconds with our eyebrow stamp!

2 different shapes & 2 different shades for everyone!

Try out this one to have perfect brows!


KBS13J – Natural Brown, Straight

KBS14J – Natural Brown, Arch

KBS15J – Deep Brown, Straight

KBS17J – Reddish Brown, Flat

KBS18J – Reddish Brown, Arch


1) Pull the applicators out of the container which are located on either side of the container.

2) Open the container and tap the powder with the puff(applicators).

3) Stamp the puff(applicators) along your brow line.

4) Touch up with the included mini brush to make it natural.

※Please remove oil or water from your brows before using this. Recommend to do base make-up to remove oil from your skin.


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